DUI Attorney Charleston – Why Website Speed is Important

DUI Attorney CharlestonDepending on the type of business you have, building your website can take weeks or months of hard work. Attorneys and especially one DUI Attorney Charleston SC, we recently worked with have a huge investment of time and money is all in the hopes that organic traffic will eventually find your website and purchase your products or services. The issue that works against many of these websites is that people today have become extremely impatient when it comes to getting their information. Everything today is available in seconds, and if people have to wait for any period of time they simply move on. An Attorney or legal website specifically must compete against a lot of competition with the 100’s of attorneys vying for the online clients.  If your website is running slow, you are most likely losing out a ton of business to your competitors who have much faster running websites and work tirelessly to keep it that way.

Speeding up your website is actually a simple process if you know what to look for. The one thing that you have to have in the back of your mind is that when a visitor comes to your website today, they will make a decision in 5 seconds or less to stay and shop or hit the back button and go elsewhere. If your site is slow on the homepage, they are long gone before they ever see the rest of your website. The name of the game here is engagement, and to get visitors to turn to clients, you have to keep them around for as long as possible. The first thing to do on the home page is to remove all that clutter. Put pictures and videos on their own pages so that they will down drag down the download time of the home page.

Be sure to place key categories to all your products above the fold where they can be seen the instant a visitor arrives on your pages. By increasing the links and the information on specific pages, you significantly speed up the way the home page opens and give these visitors the chance to find what they need much faster. Remove any animated banners or advertisements from the main page too as they are distracting and they tend to slow down the page tremendously. Install a cache plugin on your website, this will speed up open times for future visitors. If you have inactive plugins, delete them to increase speed. One final thing is to use a program that compresses images. This is especially helpful if your website has several images that need to tell unique stories.  When you have a chance check out this website for a great example: http://charlestonattorneygroup.com